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25 July 2019 (Thu), 19:00 Russian National Ballet Theatre - Classical Ballet Cinderella

Running time: 2 hours (till 21:00)

The performance has 1 intermission

Schedule for Cinderella 2020

Composer: Sergei Prokofiev

Orchestra: Symphony orchestra of the Summer Ballet Seasons

Classical Ballet in 2 act

The ballet based of S.Perrot’s fairy-tale

Music experts say that “Cinderella” – is one of the best ballet scores of the XX-th century. Prokofiev wrote about the ballet: “For me it was very important, that “Cinderella” should become dancing, and all the dances came from the plot, were different; that dancers had a chance to show their skills in their most. I wrote “Cinderella” in old classic ballet traditions”.
The end of the war was the period of creating the ballet-tale. There is devastation and starvation. Prokofiev was in personal sorrow. He had lost his wife in a prisoner-camp. It was she, to whom he devoted his “Cinderella”. He wanted his hero to be a simple girl, searching her fortune; a real girl, who just managed. And she is the kind on the stage now.

Music For Ballet: Fragment 1


Act I
Scene 1

Guests come to the New Year party. Drosselmeier, Masha’s godfather, has prepared wonderful presents for children, including a funny Nutcracker doll. The children are eagerly waiting for the moment when they are shown the Christmas tree and the holiday presents. The desired moment finally comes: they see the decorated Christmas tree sparkling with lights.
Drosselmeier appears disguised as a magician and entertains the children with tricks. His ability to animate toys astonishes the children. Masha likes the awkward, funny Nutcracker a lot, and Drosselmeier gives the toy to the girl.
Playing with the Nutcracker, children accidentally break it. Masha is very upset. Drosselmeier, with the help of magic, repairs the doll and calms Masha down. Gradually the party comes to an end, the guests leave, and the room is empty. Masha, taking a candlestick, creeps up to the tree to have one more look at her favorite toy before going to sleep, and, making sure that the Nutcracker is in his place, the girl plunges into the world of dreams and gradually falls asleep.

Scene 2
On New Year's Eve Masha has a magic dream. She suddenly faces a large mouse army led by the Mouse King. The Nutcracker and toy soldiers bravely protect her, but the forces are not equal. The mice capture the dolls. Taking a magic candlestick, Masha throws it at the mice. The army runs away.
The Nutcracker who is lying on the floor suddenly turns into a handsome Prince. He leads Masha into a fairy, enchanted forest, where the magnificent winter reigns, the snowy whirlwinds swirl, the snowflakes turn around and sparkle. They pick up Masha and the Nutcracker Prince and carry them away, dancing and taking them farther and farther into the snowy forest wilderness.
Suddenly Masha and the Prince see a wonderful rook, get aboard and go to the amazing magic land of Confitureurburg.

Act II
Scene 3
Masha and the Nutcracker Prince are in the domain of the Mouse King. The captive dolls languish and suffer. Having entered the struggle with the mice and having defeated their king, the Prince and Masha release the captive dolls and sail together with them for a holiday in the sweet city of Confiturenburg. A lot of dolls from different countries come to the festive ball. They perform Russian, Oriental, Spanish, Chinese and other dances. The festival ends with the waltz of flowers.
Waking up, Masha realizes that it was just a dream...

Schedule for Cinderella 2020

"Cinderella" Moscow city ballet (a.d. L.Neroubachtchenko)
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Moscow city ballet (a.d. L.Neroubachtchenko)

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